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Richard Ling

Mr Ling co-founded 3 companies, raising over $50 million in capital, returning $350M to investors. He is the Founding General Partner of Rembrandt Venture Partners (RVP) established in 2004. RVP raised over $300 million under management in three funds. He is an investor in top-tier AI companies such as Adeptmind and successful healthcare companies such as Intuitive Surgical.

With RVP, he invested in over 30 companies and has had over a dozen exits. Exits including Ironport (Cisco), Convio (IPO:CONV), MetaLincs (Seagate), LGC Wireless   (ADC), Cavium (IPO:CAVM), LiveRamp (Axiom), Good Technology, (Motorola), Xactly (IPO:XTLY), Buysight (AOL). He is also an angel investor in over 20 companies including CommerceOne, Good Technology, ComScore (IPO:SCOR), eBates, YesMail, Raza.

3 companies Mr. Ling founded were funded by top-tier venture funds, corporate and angel investors including Mayfield Fund, Softbank, Canaan Partners, Granite Ventures, Arrowpath (ETrade), Newbury, Yahoo! Inc, Interwoven, SRI (Stanford Research Institute), Frank Quatrrone, John Chambers.

• Founding CEO, Chairman, MetaLINCS - Arrowpath, Newbury, acq’d by Seagate, 2007

• AlterEgo, co-founder, President/CEO - Mayfield, Granite  acq’d by Macromedia, 2002

• Vice President, Inktomi (INKT), eCommerce/Online Advertising

• ImpulseBuy, co-founder, CTO/VP Eng - Canaan, Softbank, Yahoo - acq’d by Inktomi

• Novell, Univel, Memorex, Convergent Technologies

• BS Engineering, University of California, Berkeley