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Microsoft for Startups + Forbes Sponsored Invite-Only Investors Dinner

  • Microsoft Reactor 680 Folsom St #145 San Francisco, CA United States (map)

Join Forbes + Microsoft for Startups + AI Venture Amalgamators + Bling Capital + Sorenson Ventures for a special Investor dining experience featuring an elegant three-course meal, drinks, and a meaningful conversation on AI for Social Good with a special appearance of Will Thompson (VP & Managing Director of Forbes AI, Publisher of Forbes AI).

Meet our Power hosts:

Aakriti Srikanth (Forbes 30 Under 30, Investor, GP at AI Venture Amalgamators)

Benjamin Ling (GP at Bling Capital, former GP at Khosla Ventures, one of first Googlers)

Shaloo Garg (Managing Director at Microsoft For Startups)

Jeff Herbst (Founding General Partner of NVIDIA GPU Ventures & VP of Business Dev at NVIDIA)

Ken Elefant (GP at Sorenson Ventures 100M fund, former Managing Director at Intel Capital, Lightspeed Ventures)

Zach Coelius (Famous angel investor, Influencer on LinkedIn, has a fund of $45 with Industry Ventures as LP for tech Investments)

Richard Ling (Board Director at Lexi, GP at AI Venture Amalgamators, former GP at Rembrandt Venture Partners - over $300M under management)

Cindy Bi (Founding Partner at Zillionize, and Operator at Aspose. Former Founder of Spartan Camera, Accenture)

Jimmy Ku (GM of Fundraising at Atrium)

Sarah Austin (Silicon Valley: Startups famous internet personality, Forbes 30 Under 30, Investor)

Jared Heyman (GP and Founder of the Rebel Fund)

Reese Jones (Advisor to Facebook, Founder of Singularity University)

Cece Chen (GP at AI Venture Amalgamators, Investor)

+100 others

A community dialogue over dinner and drinks to follow.

Monday, September 9

Microsoft Reactor Building // 680 Folsom St #145, San Francisco, CA 94107

6:00 - 10:00PM

Limited spaces available.

RSVP on Eventbrite.