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Mental / Brain Health Innovation Gathering

  • House in Glen Park San Francisco United States (map)

Cece Chen and Jeremy Kranz are interested in mental and brain health innovation and want to invest in the area. We are hosting this event to facilitate innovative technologies to improve mental and brain health. Please join and invite others interested! There will be some mood-boosting company, snacks, activities, and lights. :D

About co-hosts:

Cece Chen is a Founding General Partner of AI Venture Amalgamators and interested in funding and advising mental and brain health technology startups. After studying current methods of mental diagnoses and treatments in a doctorate program at Columbia University, Cece is hoping to find alternative and more effective ways for patients to prevent and treat mental illnesses. A superconnector and yoga instructor, link with her to feel more connected with yourself and others. She is hosting this event in hopes to better connect the VC and technology communities with health experts and facilitate improvement in mental and brain health innovation.

Jeremy Kranz partakes in a number of brain and mental health groups in US and Asia. He feels the systems has failed our loved ones and communities and it must dramatically change. He has been engaging scientists, policy makers and entrepreneurs. In the past, Jeremy partnered with the Treatment Advocacy Center to change US federal and state policy to support communities and law enforcement. In 2019, Jeremy is mainly focused on funding and advising innovations targeting mental health. Jeremy is hosting this event to help catalyze local efforts to build community and, this summer, has been doing similar activities in Singapore and China. In his day job, Jeremy runs technology investments globally at GIC and created the Bridge Forum (

About some other group members:

Nina Vasan, MD is the Founder and Executive Director of Stanford Brainstorm: The Stanford Lab for Mental Health Innovation and Chair of Committee on Innovation for the American Psychiatric Association.

Harris Eyre, MD, PhD is a psychiatrist turned entrepreneur and is currently working on his startup called CNSDose that curates pharmacogenetics reports to assist in prescribing decisions.

Sterling NM, MD is a psychiatrist with his own practice in Mountain View. He is interested in mental health innovation and has a number of ideas, including utilizing social media data to aid in psychiatric diagnostic decisions.

Cam Sepah, PhD a psychologist by training, holds many hats in the mental health space. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor in Psychiatry at UCSF Medical Center, performance psychologist to CEOs/VCs, and invests in consumer and health tech startups.

Abhas Gupta, MD is Co-founder and CEO of Calyx Health, Inc., which is accelerating health systems' transition to value-based care through their core product, the Medicare Clinic of the Future.

Ben Ling, Founder and General Partner of Bling Capital, formal General Partner at Khosla Ventures, founder and general manager of Google's commerce group (which include Google Wallet and Google shopping), and first director of Facebook platform.

Adeo Ressi is CEO of the Founder Institute, a startup launch program that operates in over 200 cities worldwide, and he is a recognized mentor for fast growing technology businesses. He has pioneered innovations in the protection of founder rights, the raising of early stage capital and the scaling of new businesses.

Reese Jones is a biophysicist, originally using PET to study schizophrenia at Berkeley/UCSF and became distracted by internet and thus started several tech and biotech companies including Singularity University.

Dan Seider, Founder of Stigma and huge mental health advocate. Dan hosts mental health groups himself as well.

Aku Aakriti Srikanth, an AI VC, Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree, and Founding General Partner of AI Venture Amalgamators.

Erin Smith, a Thiel Fellow working on face-voice-body movement analytics to better screen and diagnose brain issues.

Iain McIntyre, CEO of Humm which does brain stimulation to improve memory. Iain is currently at Berkeley's Skydeck accelerator.

Michael Fischer is a PhD student in computer science at Stanford University and interested in tackling mental health problems.

Jinjin Niu currently does business strategy and analytics for Google Play and also interested in mental health innovation.

Bretton Auerbach, MBA, is currently CTO of Yoshi, but wants to innovate in the mental and neurotech fields. Bretton is also very well-connected in San Francisco.

Nick Raushenbush, a serial entrepreneurial and currently a Co-founder of Shogun. Nick is interested in mental health innovation, including drug treatments, such as CBD.

Nikolai Oreshkin is a co-founder and Managing Partner at Elysium Venture Capital, an investment management fund focused on helping high-growth technology companies access global markets. Based in Silicon Valley and with strong ties in Europe and China, Nikolai leverages his domain expertise in AI, blockchain and consumer tech to invest in companies led by visionary technologists from across the world. During his tenure at Elysium, Nikolai has participated in over 50 VC transactions, including cross-border and M&A, valued at more than $1.5 billion. Previously, Nikolai founded an ISP and was one of the first entrepreneurs who offered internet access to people of Belarus and promoted the use of social networks.

Gady Nemirovsky, General Partner of Inspiration Ventures.

+ many other good people. :D

Email to RSVP or if you can not make this group, but still interested in making improvements in the mental/brain health space.

Or RSVP on the Facebook event.