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My relationship with Aakriti has been only a few short months but in that time she has impressed me with her enthusiasm, intelligence, and knowledge. In this short period of time Aakriti has made pivotal introductions and recommendations accelerating our time-to-market. Her contributions to our progress has led to a more formal relationship where we’ve offered Aakriti a founding position on our advisory board. Specifically, Aakriti has been collaborating with our Chief Science Officer sharing her profound knowledge and connections within the AI community. Aakriti has made important contributions to our COO’s business development efforts in connecting him with key business leaders.
— Founder at JumpStartCSR

Aakriti is a talented person who gets things done fast. She has a great network and communication skills. From what we have seen, she can be very valuable for a company like ours.
— PerceptiLabs Founders Martin Isaksson & Robert Lundberg

Aku is an absolute gem in the AI space.
— Head of Content AI Udacity (Former Google), Luis Serrano

Aakriti empowers others to shine in their own light, and inspires along the way.
— Tim Brandall, International Product Experience, Netflix

Aakriti’s drive and passion is impressive,
— Shanmugam Palaniappan, Senior Director, Salesforce