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www.aakritisrikanth.com Aakriti Srikanth is the Founding General Partner of AI Venture Amalgamators. Aakriti has been involved in advising Venture firms in the capacity of a Venture Advisor and Startups in the capacity of an Advisor. She enjoys empowering and connecting people.

Email aakriti@aiventureamalgamators.com if you would like help with fundraising or you would like to forge partnerships with Fortune 500 companies (such as Microsoft, Google) or branding or business or technical advice on your startup.

Aakriti is also a VC Principal at Mitsui Sumitomo (amongst the largest corporate groups in the world - based in Japan and the 8th largest insurance company in the world). Toshiba, Toyota Motors, Sony and Suntory were once part of the Mitsui Group and the popular automotive company Mazda Motor Corporation is one of the companies of the Sumitomo Group. Mitsui Sumitomo has 16 investments including Rubrik, YC Company Geosite with Sequoia Capital, Averon and Node. She started her career at hedge fund D. E. Shaw & Co. Since then she has worked in product management and product marketing/business development at Fortune 500 companies including IBM, Red Hat, NetApp and Deloitte. She is a Forbes 30 Under 30 Honoree for 2019 and the San Francisco Business Times' “Most Influential Women in Business." In 2018, Alist and Entrepreneur.com featured her as "Youngest Influential woman in AI." (See: https://www.alistdaily.com/lifestyle/meet-six-marketing-stars-from-forbes-30-under-30-2018/). Aakriti is a contributing writer for Forbes and Venture Beat (https://venturebeat.com/author/aakriti-srikanth/) She has written articles on "Women in AI".

She hails from the Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University and also holds a Masters in Computer Science from the Ohio State University, where she won the IBM Watson Competition back when Watson first won against the grand champion on Jeopardy, in addition to launching products at IBM Watson as one of their first and youngest product team members.

Aakriti is an AI expert and has been involved in many AI conferences as a keynote speaker, including MLConf, Grace Hopper, and the AI Summit. She grew the Boston Data Science Meetup to 800+ members which included notable data scientists from Google, Facebook, Spotify, Amazon and IBM Watson, and inaugurated the Pragmatic Speaker Series in SF. She is also a Zumba instructor and fitness enthusiast.